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Sharing Special Places in Your Day-to-Day Travel

Find It! Share It! Experience It!

Share Your Finds For Others To Experience

Discover new locations, events, hot spots and post on our app

Take a Photo with geolocation and share your newly discovered locations and experiences

Friends and followers can experience your geo-tagged hidden gem

Found A Hidden Gem?

In your day-to-day travel there is always a new place to discover.  Hidden Gem makes it easy to share special places with your friends to experience.



  • Find a New Gem 

  • Take Photo with Geolocation

  • Share with Friends and Followers

Looking at the Water



Categories Are Our Thing

There is some much to share and discover. 

Hidden Gem allows you to assign categories for easy access and find gems that are tailored to your interests.

Categories from Animals, Sports, Food, Kids, Historical, and more all ready for you to discover.


Social Gems

Hidden Gem allows you to share, tag, and join the conversation on shared content with ease. You never know what you will find and those to share in the experience.


Pre-Sign Up For Hidden Gem

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